1.7 Million Immigrants Are Just Waiting…

Illegal Aliens On The Move Into US

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – As if the undeniable and unrelenting invasion of the United States of America by illegal aliens walking across the border with Mexico wasn’t bad enough, one United States Representative in a position to know says it is about to get a whole lot worse.

As Breitbart points out in “Rep. Katko Warns of ‘Chaos at the Border’ When Remain in Mexico Policy Sunsets: ‘1.7 Million People Are Waiting'”:

“There will be ‘chaos at the border’ such as we have not seen when the Remain in Mexico policy sunsets, Rep. John Katko (R-NY), leader of the GOP’s American Security Task Force, said on Thursday, citing intel indicating that as many as 1.7 million people are waiting for that moment.”

While noting that “Republicans must reinstitute and codify the Remain in Mexico policy,” Katko also stated:

“‘They come here now and whether they have asylum or not, they just come across the border, raise their hands and say ‘asylum.’ And as soon as they say that, the vast majority of them are paroled into the country,’ Katko explained, noting that the Biden administration is ‘repeatedly fighting the Remain in Mexico policy.’

“‘It’s going to sunset again soon and they’re not going to reconstitute it and once that happens, I think we’re going to see a chaos at the border we haven’t seen yet. We think we’ve seen some bad things. There’s estimates as many as 1.7 million people are waiting for the Remain in Mexico policy to sunset,’ he warned, ‘and once it sunsets, they’re all coming.'”

Think about that figure. 1.7 million. How on earth can the United States tolerate that many entering illegally and still claim to have a border and be a sovereign nation?

What is your opinion? Please email [email protected] and express your opinion about the ongoing flood of illegal aliens crossing the southern border of the United States of America. What do you think should be done to stop the 1.7 million illegals poised to come into the United States?