This Combat Veteran Is Ready To Defeat Ilhan Omar

Shukri Abdirahman

( – You may have already seen her interviewed on Newsmax and Fox News. But, if you haven’t, U.S. Army veteran Shukri Abdirahman says she is the woman who can beat U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar in the upcoming 2022 Congressional Election.

According to the biography on her campaign website, Shu, as she’s called:

“…is running to defeat Ilhan Omar in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District to repair the damage caused by her failed leadership. Shukri is a Somali Refugee, a 10 year US Army Combat Veteran, a single mother of three beautiful children, a Muslim, a survivor from domestic abuse, and above all – A Minnesotan, and an American.

“Shu’s story starts in Somalia where she lived through a Civil War under the dictatorship of Mohamed Siad Barre. Her father had been taken from the family in the middle of the night, and poisoned for refusing to join his regime. In fear of their lives, her family fled to Kenya where they spent 3.5 years in a refugee camp in hopes of coming to America. The scars of living through a civil war still remain.

“From Somalia to Minnesota, Shu and her family were welcomed as American citizens. She did not have much growing up on Portland and Franklin in the heart of Minneapolis, but they were in America, the land of opportunity. With high marks in school she was accepted to the University of Minnesota-Duluth on a Softball Scholarship.

“After hearing about the events of Black Hawk Down, Shu was inspired to give back to the men and women who gave their lives so she could have a second chance in America. She went on to serve 10 years with the U.S. Army.

“Sergeant Abdirahman served as combat veteran in the Iraq War. Shukri had a life goal of becoming a Black Hawk pilot, but had suffered too much eye damage in Iraq that could not be corrected.”

Shu has much more on her website, which can be viewed by clicking HERE, but she sums up herself by saying:

“Shukri is unapologetically American, and loves the Constitution. A document she has sworn to protect when she entered the service. That oath never expires.”

Is Shu the individual who can beat Omar? Time will tell. But, judging by the reception she’s received on Newsmax and Fon News, she has many good folks in her corner and ready to help her defeat Omar come November.

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