911 Call Leads to Arrest of 24 Migrants

911 Call Leads to Arrest of 24 Migrants

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – The humanitarian crisis in Texas is far from over. Migrants continue to flood across the southern border, bogging down Border Patrol agents and taxing local resources. Officers still didn’t expect a 911 call to lead to this many arrests.

Texas Border Patrol agents arrested 24 illegal immigrants on October 8th. They believe at least 22 managed to cross the border as stowaways on freight trains.

The unusual incident began when an unidentified individual made a 911 call in Robstown, Texas, making local police aware of a possible group of migrants. A joint task force of local and county police, working in tandem with border agents, initially apprehended 10 individuals. They later discovered another 12, all of whom they also detained.

Agents believe they used bolt cutters to gain access to train cars, allowing them to travel over 100 miles into the US. The unsuspecting train drivers were never aware of their presence.

Police reports show a suspicious vehicle passed by the scene during the arrest. Local police initiated a traffic stop in response, revealing two additional migrants. They suspect the pair hoped to transport the group to an unidentified location.

Only two major freight train border crossings sit in the vicinity of Robstown; it seems unlikely they could have crossed via train. Of course, the Biden administration’s newest immigration policy effectively erases the southern border, rendering it impotent against the repeated incursions. As other media outlets have reported, migrants all but walk right in.

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