Abortion Clinics and College Campuses

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Abortion activists from Planned Parenthood keep targeting college students as the vast majority of the leftist nonprofit’s abortion centers are close to campuses, a pro-life group’s report reveals.

The report from the Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, which is part of Students for Life of America, confirms findings from previous research showing that Planned Parenthood “deliberately” sets up its abortion centers near college campuses.

“[Researchers found that] 87.6% of the 563 Planned Parenthood facilities in operation are located within 5 miles of a college campus,” the report says, as cited by The College Fix.

“This is an increase of 8.6% since [SFL’s] initial study approximately 10 years ago,” it adds.

Students for Life of America detailed further the impact that the easy access to abortion offered by Planned Parenthood has on college communities.

“Planned Parenthood knows their target market for selling abortion is young women, selling them the lie that without abortion, they cannot complete their goals in life,” commented Michelle Hendrickson, the SFL Director of Strategic Initiatives.

“Not only will the close proximity of these facilities end more lives and harm more women, but it infects the culture of those towns to normalize abortion as a ‘quick fix’ when we know it is anything but that,” she elaborated.

Hendrickson further noted that Planned Parenthood operated close to college campuses as it was implementing a strategy to “target vulnerable youth.”

“Planned Parenthood’s business model is to target the most vulnerable among us. If they don’t succeed in the womb through abortion, they are in our schools, from elementary school curriculum to setting up shop down the street from college campuses,” the SFLA officer explained.

She insisted that the abortionists from Planned Parenthood were working to introduce students “to a new world of casual sex, expecting zero unplanned outcomes” instead of affirming students “in their value and worth as individuals” and to “take sex seriously.”

“When pregnancy occurs, Planned Parenthood is there again to deceive young women that it’s not a baby and that for a few hundred dollars, they can ‘take care of it,’” Hendrickson added.

The report by Students for Life also noted that there were 59 Planned Parenthood centers still working in states banning abortion and that 56 of those were situated within 5 miles of college campuses.

“Planned Parenthood’s business model of targeting young people is not stifled by state restrictions,” the report said.

The College Fix quotes Lydia Taylor, a Campbell University student who leads the school’s Students for Life chapter, as stressing that abortion providers are lying to young women there is no way to be simultaneously “a successful mother and student.”

“It’s been no secret to the pro-life movement that the abortion industry targets college-age women. We unfortunately live in a culture that spreads the message that women can’t be successful as mothers, which is a lie,” Taylor observed.

“The abortion industry refuses to provide the pregnancy resources that our movement provides which is how they are misleading students to believe they have to kill their child to graduate or have a career,” she added.