ALERT: 6,000 Dead


( – BREAKING NOW: It’s hard to imagine that Russian President Vladimir Putin, much less the mothers and fathers of his conscripted soldiers, thought Russian troops would sustain the enormous number of deaths they have so far in just the opening few days of what could be a very long war.

According to Western intelligence sources and the government of Ukraine, backed up by on-the-ground war correspondents, so far, close to 6,000 Russians have been killed by the Ukrainian military and the civilians defending their country from war criminal Vladimir Putin.

That figure does not include the thousands upon thousands of Russians who are being sent home with life-altering injuries and who are telling their families and friends that Putin has gotten them into a deadly quagmire in Ukraine.

Reports are spreading through the general public of Russia that Putin’s strategy is resulting in numbers of war dead in a military conflict not seen since the Korean War.

This is a breaking news report about the rising number of casualties from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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