ALERT: Democrat Governor Trying to Ban AR-15s

Ned Lamont

( – Connecticut’s Democrat Governor, Ned Lamont, is considering measures to outlaw AR-15-style rifles in his state in a new leftist push to ban what President Joe Biden and other Democrats call “assault weapons.”

Lamont is presently thinking of pushing to kill so-called “grandfather clauses” in state legislation allowing banned firearms to be kept by those who had acquired them earlier, The CT Mirror reported, as cited by Breitbart.

Connecticut’s Democrat-dominated legislature has already adopted two laws prohibiting the sale of “military-style weapons,” such as the AR-15 rifle variations.

The first one was passed by the state’s General Assembly in 1993, while the second such law came in 2012, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which claimed the lives of 26 children and adults.

The report points out that both laws contained “grandfather” provisions that let owners retain the banned firearms they already had bought.

“A seizure of tens of thousands of firearms was a legal and political line lawmakers were unwilling to cross,” The CT Mirror comments.

According to Democrat state Senator Gary Winfield of New Haven, Connecticut legislators have “no appetite” to kill the assurances they have already given gun owners.

“If you’ve told people you’re going to operate in a certain way, particularly grandfathering people and things like this particular issue, it’s a really hard hurdle to clear,” Winfield argued.

Nonetheless, Governor Ned Lamont is considering putting an end to grandfathering clauses. This way, he would force Connecticut residents to surrender any AR-15-style rifles they may still possess.

The governor floated the idea while speaking to reporters. He insisted the grandfathering clauses were “a loophole” making “society … in Connecticut a little less safe.”

“[AR-15s] should not be allowed in the state of Connecticut. I think they’re killers … I think they’re incredibly dangerous in our community. You’re not serious about crime if you leave them on the street,” Lamont declared.

The Democrat, who got reelected by 12 points, made it clear he was prepared to try to push for the total ban on AR-15s despite warnings of backlash in a state that already has some of the strictest gun control laws in America.

“If I don’t try now, who will try?” Lamont stated.

The governor’s AR-15 ban initiative does not seem to enjoy support even from gun control advocates, who may have different priorities when the state legislature reconvenes on January 4.

“It’s not on our wish list,” commented Jeremy Stein, the executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence.

“Our top agenda item is to make sure that there is sufficient funding for community violence interruption and intervention,” Stein added.