ALERT: She’s Dropped Out (VIDEO)

( – After her feat of alienating both her former party, the Democrats, and the GOP, US Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who has billed herself as an independent in the past couple of years, has now announced her retirement from the Senate as she won’t be seeking reelection.

See below the video of Sinema’s announcement!

Sinema disclosed her decision in a video message posted on X Tuesday.

She has thus eliminated the possibility of a three-party race for her Senate seat in the fall, The New York Post notes in a report.

It further points out that Sinema’s withdrawal significantly benefits the anticipated Democrat senatorial nominee, the progressivist US Rep. Ruben Gallego, who, according to most surveys, outperformed both Sinema and the expected Republican candidate, Kari Lake.

Sinema, 47, initially won her Senate seat as a Democrat in 2018 but changed her party affiliation to Independent towards the end of 2022.

In her departure message, Sinema expressed her disillusionment with the current state of partisan politics.

“Despite modernizing our infrastructure, ensuring clean water, delivering good jobs in safer communities, Americans still choose to retreat to their partisan corners,” she said.

“The only political victories that matter these days are symbolic — attacking your opponents on cable news or social media. Compromise is a dirty word. We’ve arrived at that crossroad and we chose anger and division. I believe in my approach, but it’s not what America wants right now,” the Arizona senator argued.

The April 1 deadline for Sinema to gather thousands of signatures for ballot qualification loomed large, and there have been speculations that her modest fundraising efforts might lead her not to seek a second term.

Sinema had evaded questions about her political aspirations following her initial move to file for reelection in late 2022.

During the initial two years of President Biden’s tenure, Sinema gained significant attention for her frequent deviations from Democratic Party lines and for obstructing several major progressivist agenda items, notably including various versions of the ambitious Build Back Better plan, which incited criticism from the left-wing factions of her party.

In response to Sinema’s announcement, Gallego expressed gratitude for her service.

“I want to thank Senator Sinema for her nearly two decades of service to our state,” he said.

Kari Lake, a Republican who ran for governor in 2022, wished Sinema “the best in her next chapter.”

“We may not agree on everything, but I know she shares my love for Arizona,” Lake said.

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