ALERT: US Military Prepping for War With China Because of Pelosi

( – HAPPENING NOW: Because of United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s intention to travel to Taiwan, the U.S. Armed Forces are preparing for a possible war with Communist China.

As the Daily Caller notes in “US Military To Prep For War If Pelosi Goes To Taiwan: REPORT“:

“The U.S. military is readying for possible conflict in the Pacific ahead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s possible trip to Taiwan in August, according to The Associated Press.

“The Pentagon will escalate troop movements and security measures in the Pacific if Pelosi follows through with her planned Taiwan visit. China likely would not attack Pelosi’s plane directly, officials familiar with the matter told the AP, but senior officials worry that her presence could inflame existing tensions between the U.S. and China over Taiwan.” [emphasis added]

In fact, The Last Patriot News learned today that the aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Ronald Reagan was dispatched on Monday toward Taiwan.

How militarily dangerous could Pelosi’s trip be?

“Officials declined to provide specifics but said measures could include fighter jets, ships and surveillance equipment to create redundant shields around Pelosi. China threatened to impose a no-fly zone over Taiwan if Pelosi visits and has dispatched warplanes into Taiwan’s claimed air defense identification zone, CNN reported, as a possible countermeasure.” [emphasis added]

According to one senior Pentagon official who believes Pelosi’s provocative plan to visit Taiwan will place the U.S. and China as close to military conflict as the two nations have been in decades, “It just takes one misstep, and our nation could be at war with Communist China.”

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