America Has Another Looming Energy Crisis That Will Arrive Any Day

Electric Grid

( – While most of the United States of America is focused on the skyrocketing price of gas at the pump and the ever-increasing shortage of oil and gas production with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the helm of the government regulatory scheme that makes it all but impossible for companies to drill for fossil fuels in the U.S., there is another looming energy crisis that could hit any day now.

In fact, if you’ve noticed, it’s already happening in parts of the country.

That potential calamity is the lack of a sustainable electric grid to deliver electricity to American homes and businesses.

As ZeroHedge notes via RealClearEnergy:

“The warning signs are everywhere. We are stumbling toward an energy crisis that is likely to be far more severe and long-lasting than the upheavals of the 1970s. And no, this isn’t about Russia or Ukraine. This is about the perilous state of the U.S. electricity grid.

“If action isn’t taken soon to address the unraveling reliability of the grid, the United States will face the specter of rolling blackouts, factory shutdowns, loss of jobs and soaring electricity bills

“Events In recent years show how serious the situation is. According To the Wall Street Journal, outages have gone from fewer than two dozen major disruptions in 2000 to more than 180 in 2020. The catastrophic blackouts that gripped Texas for a week in February of last year should have been eye-opening. Now, warnings from regulators, grid operators and utilities suggest far worse is coming.” [emphasis added]

Bottom line: If the United States doesn’t move quickly to repair and expand the national electric grid, it could soon have regular blackouts like some third-world countries. The danger is that bad and that certain.

What is your opinion? Please email [email protected] and share your thoughts about the national electric grid. Are you concerned that not enough is being invested to maintain existing power lines and add new, more reliable transmission lines so that the electric grid will be reliable now and for the foreseeable future? Why or why not? Thank you, and have a good day.