American Students Issue Global Threat

( – In a new demonstration of militant leftism, student organizations from five Ivy League institutions have issued a joint statement on social media advocating for a significant intensification of protests regarding US ally Israel and its self-defense war against Palestinian Arab Islamist terrorist group Hamas.

Students from Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania emphatically called for “an open intifada in every capital and every city, National Review reports.

The detailed post on Instagram urged to “Escalate disruption and confrontation across historic Palestine, from every checkpoint and street corner to the face of every settler and soldier.”

“Escalate protests to an open intifada in every capital and every city in order to deprive the world from its heavy slumber that comes at the expense of the bodies and remains of those who survive; disrupt all facets of daily life until our people can breathe freely without the taint of the Israeli, American, and European war machine,” it added.

The groups further encouraged their followers to disrupt routine activities worldwide.

“In every city and street, in every school and university, in every place of work and gathering, it is time to paralyze all aspects of normal life until the massacres stop and Gaza and its people are given the justice they deserve,” they stated.

The shared message was ominously titled “A CALL FOR A WORLDWIDE ESCALATION.”

This call for escalation has coincided with disturbances and alterations to academic ceremonies at several of these prestigious universities.

Columbia University, for example, canceled its main commencement ceremony after protestors established an encampment on campus that eventually escalated to the storming of a university building.

At Princeton and Yale, although commencement events proceeded as scheduled, they were marked by modest student protests.

Meanwhile, at Harvard University, a significant number of students, faculty, and staff exited the commencement ceremony in protest.

During this walkout, speakers used their platform to critique the university’s handling of the protests and express their disapproval of Israel’s policies. The dissenters congregated at a “People’s Commencement” held in a university church, which pastors noted was not sanctioned.

Among the universities mentioned, the University of Pennsylvania was the exception, experiencing no such disruptions during its commencement. Prior to the event, the university’s administration had announced an enhancement of security measures.

These events unfold against a backdrop of increasing global dissent against Israel, driven by both activists and some governments, in response to Israeli Defense Forces actions in Rafah, located in southern Gaza.

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