Americans: Fast Food Is a ‘Luxury’?!

( – As inflation continues to affect citizens due to Joe Biden’s damaging policies, a new report has unveiled that nearly 80% of Americans now view fast food as a “luxury” item.

NewsNation’s Kelsey Kernstine explained on “Morning in America” how a study from FinanceBuzz revealed that fast food chains like McDonald’s, Popeye’s, and Taco Bell have seen significant price hikes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that these increases are surpassing those of grocery items.

LendingTree conducted a survey showing that fast food is increasingly considered a splurge, with more than half of respondents reducing their fast-food purchases due to rising costs.

“It really makes sense when you break it down because McDonald’s Big Mac — it’s now more than $8 when just a few years ago it was half that price. So according to FinanceBuzz it says that prices at McDonald’s have more than doubled 100% since 2014, Popeyes prices have jumped by 86%, Taco Bell doing the same, up more than 80%. At Subway there’s no longer a foot-long for $5,” said Kernstine.

She further noted that such prices have even outpaced inflation, while the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that fast food prices have even climbed faster than grocery prices.

In a new survey by LendingTree, 2,000 people were interviewed, and nearly 80% of people say fast food is a luxury. More than 60% say they’ve cut back on eating fast food because of the prices.

Kernstine also mentioned that many fast-food franchises attribute the rising costs to inflation, noting that since Joe Biden took office, “the cost of eating out is up 22 percent.”

Moreover, she highlighted that in some Democratic states like California, increases in the minimum wage—from $16 to $20 an hour—are impacting some chains, leading to reduced worker hours or layoffs.

While Joe Biden maintains that inflation is trending positively, recent consumer price index (CPI) statistics indicate a 0.3% rise for the third consecutive month, contrasting with the latter half of 2023 when inflation was below 3%.

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