Another American VANISHES!?

( – In a mysterious and frightening development, a US tourist has vanished in Greece, becoming the second American and the seventh international traveler to go missing or be found deceased in the Greek islands this month.

The 70-year-old disappeared from the home he was staying at with a friend, The New York Post reports.

Although the majority of these incidents seem to be related to the severe heat wave currently affecting the area, the circumstances of his disappearance are particularly suspicious.

The individual, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, was last observed on Mathraki, a secluded island located approximately 25 miles northwest of Corfu.

According to ABC News, he was residing with a Greek-American friend who returned on Thursday only to discover the house open, with lights and air conditioning still running, but the man nowhere to be found.

Additionally, his identification and travel documents were missing. The friend subsequently reported the American as missing.

The last confirmed sighting of the man was in a tavern accompanied by two female tourists, who have since departed from Greece, as community leader Spyros Argyros conveyed to Greek news outlet eKathimerini.

Mathraki, while a favored summer destination for Greek-Americans, has a small year-round population of about 50 and lacks local police or coast guard services, necessitating assistance from officers from Corfu for this investigation.

Search operations were conducted over the Ionian Sea but were halted due to adverse weather conditions, with plans to resume on Saturday, officials stated.

This troubling disappearance follows that of Albert Calibet, a retired Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy, on the island of Amorgos, situated to the south of the Greek mainland.

59-year-old Calibet remains missing after failing to return from a scheduled four-hour hike intended to meet a friend for lunch.

An extensive search over the challenging terrain, involving drones, a helicopter, and local shepherds, has yet to yield results.

A frequent visitor to Amorgos, the experienced hiker from Hermosa Beach, California, holds dual citizenship in Greece and had been visiting the island nearly every year for the last decade.

He began his hike under a severe high-temperature warning, which persisted through Thursday and led to the closure of the Acropolis. Surveillance footage last captured him in a parking lot as he commenced his hike.

These two Americans are part of a larger pattern of tourist disappearances across the expansive Greek islands.

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