AOC’s Wildfire Smoke Rampage

US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

( – Far-left US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is using the wildfire smoke over New York City to promote her socialist climate change program, the “Green New Deal.”

Her social media comments came as Wednesday was the second day in a row in which NYC and its suburbs were covered by “smoky orange fog” resulting from hundreds of wildfires raging in the Canadian province of Quebec.

“Between NYC in wildfire smoke and this in PR, it bears repeating how unprepared we are for the climate crisis,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter.

Her tweet contained a weather map showing a heat wave in Puerto Rico and the “#GreenNewDeal” hashtag.

“We must adapt our food systems, energy grids, infrastructure, healthcare, etc ASAP to prepare for what’s to come and catch up to what is already here,” AOC wrote further.

According to the US Air Quality Index (AQI), Breitbart News reports, several East Coast regions – especially New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut – have seen their air quality plummet because of the Canadian wildfires.

An AQI between 151 and 200 is classified as “unhealthy for sensitive groups,” such as young children and the elderly; an index between 201 and 300 is deemed “very unhealthy” for all, and an AQI of above 301 is described as “hazardous.”

Thus, as of 4:30 pm on Wednesday, New York had an Air Quality Index of 332.

For comparison, the world’s second-most polluted city, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, had an AQI of 170, followed by Lahore, Pakistan (164), Delhi, India (156), and Tel Aviv, Israel (154).

While the wildfires in Quebec have been burning for several days, the air currents brought the orange smoke to the tri-state area only recently.

“Many New Yorkers [are] complaining of smoke-induced headaches, sore throats, watery eyes and other laments brought on by inhaling the dangerous particulates,” the report notes, adding that the wildfire fog is expected to remain in NYC over the upcoming weekend.

Far-left Democrat Ocasio-Cortez, 33, first proposed her Green New Deal in 2019 with US Senator Ed Markey (D-MA).

The plan, described by critics as extremist socialist, provides for practically ending greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.