Are These Republicans Traitors?

( – A GOP resolution in the US House of Representatives to censure a Democrat member for his “Trump – Russia collusion” claims was defeated after several Republicans voted against it, sparking outrage within the party.

The motion to censure California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, a House member since 2001, was initiated by freshman GOP US Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida.

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Her resolution was killed after four Republicans didn’t vote, two abstained, and 20 voted against it together with all Democrats present, Breitbart News reports. The GOP has a 222-213 majority in the House.

“So there is no confusion (as some did not accurately read the bill) I will be filing a privileged motion to censure & send Schiff to ethics for investigation,” Rep. Paulina Luna wrote on Twitter after the vote.

“See you next week Adam,” she added.

Her draft resolution called to condemn Schiff for promoting the story that the 2016 Trump presidential campaign colluded with the regime of Putin’s Russia, which has been exposed as a de facto “hoax.”

The California Democrat made multiple allegations in favor of the collusion story from his position as a then-member of the House Intelligence Committee. On numerous occasions, he argued there was “circumstantial evidence” proving it, the report notes.

“[Former US Justice Department] Special Counsel Robert Mueller later could find no evidence of any criminal collusion by Trump or his campaign [with Putin’s Russia],” Breitbart comments.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna’s resolution also sought to censure Schiff for his role in the impeachment inquiry against then-President Donald Trump in 2019.

During the inquiry, the Democrat legislator quoted a “made-up phone conversation” that Trump allegedly had with the then-newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to the now-rejected resolution to censure Schiff, the special counsel investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign cost the US taxpayers $32 million because of the California lawmaker’s “lies, misrepresentations, and abuses of sensitive information.”

The document stipulated a $16 million fine for Schiff if the Ethics Committee established he “lied, made misrepresentations, and abused sensitive information.”

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) removed Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee due to the former’s role in the “Russia collusion hoax.”