Biden Admin Duped, Humiliated?!

Joe Biden

( – President Joe Biden and his administration have raked in yet another humiliation for America on the world stage as it appears to have been duped by the Islamist terrorist group Hamas, after the latter gave false the impression it would accept a ceasefire with Israel.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken harshly criticized Hamas for rejecting a UN-supported cease-fire offer, asserting that the organization could have ceased the conflict in Gaza simply by agreeing to the proposal.

Speaking in Qatar on Wednesday, Blinken noted that the current proposal closely resembles one previously put forward by Hamas itself last month, suggesting that the group is prolonging the conflict to add further demands that undermine ongoing peace negotiations.

“It was a deal that Israel accepted and the world was behind. Hamas could have answered with a single word: ‘Yes,’” Blinken conveyed to journalists in Doha.

The situation arises amidst reports that the Biden administration considered direct negotiations with Hamas to ensure the release of five American hostages in Gaza if the cease-fire discussions in Israel were to collapse.

Blinken did not detail the specific demands from Hamas but labeled some of them as “workable,” whereas others were outright unacceptable.

He expressed frustration over the protracted negotiation process with Hamas, critiquing the organization for altering its demands, including reneging on previously accepted terms.

“At some point in a negotiation, and this has gone back and forth for a long time, you get to a point where if one side continues to change its demands, including making demands and insisting on changes for things that it had already accepted, you have to question whether they’re proceeding in good faith or not,” Blinken stated.

“It’s time for the haggling to stop and a cease-fire to start. It’s as simple as that,” he added.

Blinken also expressed frustration over the delay in Hamas’s response after President Biden announced the agreement globally.

“They waited almost two weeks and then proposed more changes, a number of which go beyond positions it has previously presented and agreed to,” Blinken disclosed.

“As a result, the war will go on and more people will suffer,” he added.

The UN Security Council-approved proposal from Monday aims for a temporary cease-fire in Gaza, facilitating the release of around 120 hostages held by Hamas in exchange for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody.

The agreement also stipulates an Israeli withdrawal from the central populated areas of Gaza and the increase of humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

Additionally, it would permit Palestinians to return to regions of the Gaza Strip evacuated since the onset of the Israeli ground operation over the bloody October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas.

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