Biden Caught Lying Again!!

Joe Biden

( – In a nasty new low for Joe Biden, his campaign has put out a video lying that then-President Donald Trump “tear gassed peaceful protesters outside the White House” four years ago, a claim that was disproven long ago.

The Biden campaign is falsely asserting that former President Donald Trump used tear gas on peaceful protestors outside of the White House in Lafayette Square for a photo opportunity.

This allegation has been refuted multiple times and proven incorrect, Breitbart News stresses.

In June 2021, the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Interior released a report clearing Trump of the accusations that he had tear-gassed peaceful protestors in Lafayette Square in June 2020 for a photo op at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

The Biden campaign circulated a video on X over the weekend, alleging that “four years ago,” on that date, “Trump tear gassed peaceful protesters outside the White House.”

The inspector general’s report corroborated the narratives provided by Trump and former Attorney General William Barr regarding the events of that day:

“Protests began in and around Lafayette Park on May 29, 2020. On May 30, the USPP [U.S. Park Police] and U.S. Secret Service established a unified command to coordinate the law enforcement response to the protests. From May 30 to 31, at least 49 USPP officers were injured while policing the protests, and Federal and private property was vandalized. On the morning of June 1, the Secret Service procured antiscale fencing to establish a more secure perimeter around Lafayette Park that was to be delivered and installed that same day. The USPP, in coordination with the Secret Service, determined that it was necessary to clear protesters from the area in and around the park to enable the contractor’s employees to safely install the fence. The USPP planned to implement the operation as soon as the fencing materials and sufficient law enforcement officers arrived at the park. Six other law enforcement agencies assisted the USPP and the Secret Service in the operation to clear and secure areas near the park. The operation began at 6:23 p.m. and was completed by 6:50 p.m. Shortly thereafter, at 7:01 p.m., President Trump walked from the White House through Lafayette Park to St. John’s Church. At 7:30 p.m., the contractor began assembling and installing the antiscale fence and completed the work by approximately 12:30 a.m. on June 2.”

“We did not obtain evidence suggesting that the USPP cleared Lafayette Park so the President could visit St. John’s Church,” the report further elaborates.

The inspector general’s report also noted that tear gas had been employed by the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, under Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser. Mayor Bowser has justified the use of tear gas on protestors to disperse the crowd.

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