Biden: Constitution Gives Right to ‘Abort a Child’

Joe Biden

( – As most Americans know, the United States Supreme Court experienced a leak of a draft opinion that may come out as a final decision this summer.

If it stands as drafted, the decision would overturn Roe v Wade and strike down the current right of women to have abortions based on the United States Constitution as interpreted almost 50 years ago.

Justice Samuel Alito, a conservative, is the author of the draft opinion. As a draft, it does not signify that the ultimate decision has been decided. That decision is expected by the end of June when the Supreme Court’s term traditionally concludes each year.

After the draft opinion leaked and was published by Politico, President Joe Biden was quick to state his belief that abortion is and should remain constitutionally protected while referencing the leaked draft’s content as a “radical” plan.

Speaking to a group of reporters before leaving D.C. to fly to Alabama, Biden remarked, “Look, think what Roe says. Roe says what all basic mainstream religions have historically concluded — that the right — that the existence of human life and being is a question. Is it at the moment of conception? Is it six months? Is it six weeks?”

Biden, a professed and practicing Catholic who attends church almost every weekend, claimed that all religious denominations contradict one another about when life begins. However, the Catholic Church teaches that life begins at the moment of conception.

The leaked document seemed to upset the president visibly. Calling it a “radical” position,
Biden clarified his position by stating, “…it says all the decisions related to your private life.” He alluded to the idea by comparing whom someone marries to the decision couples make if they want to conceive a child.

The question of the right to privacy when it comes to gay marriage could be a question of constitutionality. Biden called that a “shift in American jurisprudence,” although Supreme Court precedent has faced challenges and has been overturned numerous times before through the course of American history.

There has been a call for Congress to codify Roe v Wade as a federal law, which Biden supports. Still, he isn’t sure he wants to promote its passage by challenging the filibuster.