Biden Gets Very Bad News

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

( – Joe Biden woke up to terrible news as he is currently trailing former President Donald Trump by a significant margin in a crucial battleground state.

The Emerson College survey reveals that Trump holds a nine-point lead over Biden among Pennsylvania voters. Trump garnered the support of 45% of respondents, while Biden trailed with 36%.

This significant shift in voter sentiment is noteworthy, considering that Biden surprisingly secured a narrow victory in Pennsylvania in the 2020 presidential election, winning by a margin of just 1.2 points. In the previous election, Trump had prevailed over Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania by 1.2 points.

The poll also indicated a significant drop in Biden’s approval ratings among Pennsylvanians. Currently, only 31% of respondents approve of Biden’s performance as president, while a majority of 51% disapprove.

A separate survey cy Quinnipiac University yielded similar results, with Trump leading Biden by a margin of two points among Pennsylvania voters. This trend also extended to independent voters, where Trump held a nine-point advantage over Biden, with 48% supporting Trump and 39% supporting Biden.

These findings are part of a broader trend in recent polls, suggesting that Trump maintains an edge over Biden in key battleground states such as Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina. A Reuters/Ipsos survey conducted in mid-September showed Trump leading Biden by six points across several critical states, including Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Although the RealClearPolitics (RCP) average currently indicates that Trump holds only a one-point lead over Biden, it is essential to note that these recent surveys depict a more substantial advantage for Trump.

In addition to the presidential race, the Emerson College survey also examined the Senate race in Pennsylvania. It showed Democratic incumbent Sen. Bob Casey with an eight-point lead over Republican David McCormick, who recently entered the race. While 35% of respondents expressed approval for Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro, 27% disapproved, and 39% remained neutral.

These poll results underscore the dynamic and fluid nature of political sentiment in critical states like Pennsylvania, which will likely play a pivotal role in the upcoming elections. Neither Trump nor Biden has responded to requests for comment on these developments.