Biden Impeachment Underway

( – The US House of Representatives has voted to advance a motion to impeach President Joe Biden after GOP Speaker Kevin McCarthy prevented an immediate impeachment vote.

In a 219-208 vote along party lines, the House sent articles of impeachment against Biden to two of its committees – the Homeland Security Committee and the Judiciary Committee, The Washington Times reports.

The articles of impeachment accusing Biden of “high crimes and misdemeanors for mishandling border security” were filed by US Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

Boebert had requested an immediate floor vote on the privileged resolution. However, McCarthy opposed that option in favor of a “more thorough approach.”

The speaker told reporters that discussing the privileged resolution on Biden’s impeachment in the committees “doesn’t do anything to harm the current investigations going forward.”

“I think the conference continues to work together [on] all the ideas we want to put forth,” he declared.

Boebert herself commented that she was happy with the result of Thursday’s vote.

“I actually supported this very much. So I am so happy that there’s actually a process that we’re going about, and an impeachment inquiry is beginning now in the Homeland Security Committee,” she stated.

“[Committee] Chairman Mark Green is excited to add this impeachment inquiry into the work that he’s already doing to impeach [Homeland Security] Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas. He has a five-stage plan that he’s working on in the committee that I’m very proud of,” the Colorado Republican elaborated.

The report points out that some GOP House members had been “irritated” that Boebert’s resolution might have forced them to hold “a problematic vote” without conducting a property investigative inquiry.

Yet, others like Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) argued that some impeachment issues, such as the open border and the depletion of the US strategic oil reserve for political ends, didn’t necessitate deep investigations.

“The speaker said last summer when leading up to the election, ‘We would impeach Mayorkas if we had the majority.’ Why has that not happened? If we’d impeach Mayorkas, maybe there would be more patience waiting on President Biden to see if impeaching Mayorkas might change Biden’s policies,” Good declared.

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