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Hunter Biden

( – In highly intriguing revelations, two jurors who participated in the conviction of Hunter Biden on federal gun charges have disclosed the profound impact of the testimonies delivered during the trial, with one stressing the defense made a mistake by calling up Hunter Biden’s eldest daughter, Naomi Biden.

Naomi’s emotional account of her father’s erratic behavior subsequent to his illegal procurement of a firearm—while grappling with an addiction to crack cocaine—was a pivotal element in the jury’s decision, according to the jurors who spoke to The New York Post.

Naomi Biden, aged 30, provided a detailed narrative of the days following October 12, 2018, when her father falsely declared he was not addicted to illegal substances in order to purchase a .38-caliber revolver.

One significant episode she recounted occurred early on October 18, when she received a text from Hunter at 2 a.m., requesting her presence in Manhattan to swap cars after she had used his Ford Raptor pickup to assist her then-boyfriend, Peter Neal, in moving into her apartment.

Later that day, feeling distressed by her father’s absence from another planned meeting, Naomi texted him: “I’m really sad, dad. I can’t take this. I don’t know what to say. I just miss you so much. And want to hang out with you.”

A juror, a 51-year-old black woman from upper Delaware, shared with The Post that Naomi’s testimony highlighted the emotional toll Hunter’s addiction took on his family.

“It just seemed so sad for her to see her father in such a state,” she remarked.

She observed that Naomi appeared hopeful during periods when it seemed her father was recovering, but was disheartened by his relapses.

“I just think she probably just wants her dad to be like he was before her uncle [Beau Biden] died [in May 2015], and to be able to depend on him,” she added.

The inclusion of Naomi in the witness lineup was questioned by the jurors. A second juror, a 68-year-old white man from Sussex County, concurred that while Naomi’s testimony was compelling, it did not sway the jury in Hunter’s favor as his lawyers might have intended.

“I felt sorry for Naomi, I really did. I don’t think any daughter should have to be up there testifying on her father’s behalf. That was heart-wrenching and I think all the jurors felt the same thing,” he stated.

When queried about the decision-making process of the lead defense attorney, Abbe Lowell, in calling Naomi to the stand, the Sussex County juror confessed that he “probably wouldn’t have called her.”

The jury’s verdict was also heavily influenced by a series of damaging text messages between Hunter Biden and his sister-in-law-turned-lover, Hallie.

During her testimony for the prosecution, Hallie Biden was confronted with a text from Hunter dated October 13, 2018—the day after the gun purchase—where he mentioned waiting for a dealer named Mookie.

Hallie explained to the court, “That he was buying crack cocaine.”

The following day, Hunter sent another revealing message to Hallie: “I’m sleeping on a car smoking crack,” he wrote, adding, “That’s my truth.”

These messages, according to the female juror from Delaware, seemed to confirm that Hunter was actively seeking drugs.

“In my opinion, he was trying to get drugs,” she said, adding that Hunter appeared “kind of defeated” and “helpless.”

The same juror reflected on Hunter’s appearance and the overall impression he gave during the trial.

“He looks kind of helpless to me. I think he just needs to get away somewhere and get some real rehab, if he hasn’t. Hopefully, he’s still not using,” she said.

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