Biden Selling America Out – Again

( – Mark Levin — known as “the Great One” by his fans — has strong opinions about Joe Biden’s recent decision to allow the sharing of top-grade fighter jet technology with another country.

The current Biden administration gave the green light to a contract involving the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This agreement enables General Electric to partner with Hindustan Aeronautics, a government-owned firm in India, to produce jet engines.

Though Levin is not shocked by Biden’s choice, he is not happy about it. He openly expresses his dissatisfaction, asking, “And so, the Indian aerospace industry, for the first time, will be making our engines. Why would you do that?”

In his view, the U.S. is going through tough times, and it appears that the President is not giving it enough attention. Levin points out that the U.S. is attempting to boost domestic manufacturing, especially industries like those that produce jets and tanks. But Biden’s actions seem counterproductive. “And this guy, he pretends he’s pro-American, he’s pro-labor union, and he can’t shove it out the door fast enough to other countries.”

Moreover, Levin highlights that jet engine technology is of significant importance, labeling it as the “holy grail of aviation tech.”

“So this idiot in the Oval Office is giving our technology to the Indian government,” he criticizes further.

This move, while a massive leap for the Indian aerospace industry, might not positively impact the U.S. Levin mourns, “Just another country with our technology. Somebody in the Biden family’s got to be on the payroll here.”

While some might not see it as an issue, the U.S. has historically forbidden sharing such crucial technology with other nations.

Biden’s actions have brought about this shift.

Levin’s sarcastic commentary continues, “Because Big Joe’s in the Oval Office, we’ll transfer technology to anybody. India wants it? Good. China steals it? That’s okay, if it helps their economy, that helps our economy.”