Biden Sending Vax Storm Troopers to Inspect Businesses

( – In a move that is bound to increase resistance and backlash from American business owners to President Joe Biden’s increasingly onerous and burdensome COVID-19 vaccine mandates, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – one of the largest regulatory agencies within the United States Department of Labor – is about to start sending “agents” out to inspect those businesses for compliance with Biden’s orders.

As one business owner told The Last Patriot News in an off-the-record interview, “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ordering vaccine storm troopers to invade our businesses and our employees’ privacy to make sure we are submitting to his vaccine demands and orders under threat of severe financial punishment.”

As that business owner indicated, the financial penalties that Biden’s cops will hit businesses with are severe.

For a single violation, an employer can be ordered by the federal government’s agents to pay a $13,653 fine. And, even more draconian, “willful” violators can be slammed with a $136,532 penalty.

Of course, it’s government agents who get to decide what is or is not a “willful” violation. That means those coronavirus cops will wield tremendous discretion and power over the companies they inspect. A scheme ripe for prosecutorial abuse against unfavored businesses or any action deemed resistant to the Biden administration’s mandates.

And, should any business determine that it wants to fight back against these new extremely burdensome regulations that many good Americans find violative of their constitutional rights and God-given freedom, they will incur tremendous legal costs.

What will happen as Biden’s virus storm troopers start knocking on the doors of businesses across the United States?

Stand by. We’ll know soon.

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