Biden Sets New Record That GOP Likes

Joe Biden

( – President Joe Biden’s approval rating has collapsed so much that it is now into the 20s for the first time in the 1.5 years since he took office, according to a new public opinion poll.

Biden’s popularity has been sinking across the board because of the several major crises that have engulfed the nation on his watch and are showing no sign of going away.

These include the skyrocketing inflation, better known as “Bidenflation,” which is primarily due to spiking gas prices – but not only, the continuing supply chain crisis and shortages of essential goods, the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, the deluge of illegal immigration through the southern border, and global security crisis caused by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

While Joe Biden’s popularity had already been low with Republicans and declining with independents, it now also seems to be sliding among Democrats. Many Democratic Party voters are disgruntled over the administration’s failure to impose or defend radical leftist policies on issues such as abortion and gun rights.

As a result, the 79-year-old president’s approval now stands at only 29% overall, according to the latest survey of the Civiqs poll. That has marked the first him his rating has gone below 30%.

The Civiqs survey offers a rolling job approval average tracked among 223,321 American voters between January 20 and July 9 this year.

President Joe Biden’s disapproval rating is also at a record high as per the poll, at 58%.
His rating among independents is even worse than the overall numbers: only 19% of the independent voters approve of his performance, and 67% disapprove.

Biden’s popularity with Democrat voters is also collapsing. It now stands at 63% compared with 88% in July 2021, a year ago, and down from 68% since June. The same survey also found that only 36% of his party’s supporters are in favor of him seeking reelection.

One key voter group in which Biden and the Democratic Party have been losing support is the Latino and Hispanic Americans. The president’s approval rating with them is 36%, while the disapproval stands at 48%.

According to another pollster, Gallup, only five other US presidents have seen their approval rating collapse into the 20s since the surveys began in the mid-20th century. Those are Harry Truman at 22%, Richard Nixon at 24%, Jimmy Carter at 28%, George H.W. Bush at 29%, and George W. Bush at 25%.