Biden Tells Another Whopper (Video)

Joe Biden

( – In a laughable new Joe Biden gaffe, the president has stated that he has been acquainted with Russian leader Vladimir Putin for over four decades, a claim that is contentious given Putin’s covert career in the KGB throughout the 1980s, with him rising to public prominence only in 1999.

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“I’ve known him for over 40 years. He’s concerned me for 40 years. He’s not a decent man,” Biden revealed in an interview with ABC News anchor David Muir at the Normandy American Cemetery in France, commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Putin’s tenure in the Soviet intelligence community spanned from 1975 until 1991, during which he held positions in his native St. Petersburg and former East Germany before retiring as a lieutenant colonel.

This history casts doubt on Biden’s assertion of familiarity dating back as far as he claims, The New York Post highlighted in a report.

Following his intelligence career, Putin transitioned to political roles, serving under St. Petersburg’s then-Mayor Anatoly Sobchak as an aide and deputy mayor from 1991 to 1996.

He later occupied positions within the Kremlin and led the Federal Security Service, the successor to the KGB, after the Soviet Union’s dissolution in 1991.

His rise to prominence began in earnest in August 1999 when President Boris Yeltsin selected him as prime minister, a move that marked his entrance into the public eye, as reported by The Washington Post in January 2000.

Biden’s direct interactions with Putin include at least one meeting during his vice presidency when Putin was Russia’s prime minister, and another at a Geneva summit in June 2021.

In the same interview, Biden emphasized the limited scope of the U.S. authorization for Ukraine to use American-supplied weaponry, specifying that such use was restricted to the Kharkiv region under Russian control.

“They’re authorized to be used in proximity to the border when they’re being used on the other side of the border to attack specific targets in Ukraine,” he explained.

He categorically denied any U.S. endorsement of attacks deeper within Russian territory or against high-profile targets like Moscow or the Kremlin.

Putin, on Wednesday, condemned the U.S.’s provision of arms to Ukraine and its approval of their use as “direct participation in the war against the Russian Federation,” and hinted at the potential for reciprocal actions, referencing Russia’s nuclear capabilities at one point.

Biden further labeled Putin as a dictator, struggling to maintain cohesion in Russia while persisting in the military offensive against Ukraine.

“We’re not talking about giving them weapons to strike Moscow, to strike the Kremlin, to strike against — just across the border, where they’re receiving significant fire from conventional weapons used by the Russians to go into Ukraine to kill Ukrainians,” he clarified.

Earlier on Thursday, Biden commented on the heightened risk to the trans-Atlantic NATO alliance, the most significant since World War II, posed by “tyrants.”

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