Biden’s America: Empty Shelves & Worker Shortages Plague Grocery Stores

( – As Texas Governor Greg Abbott points out in a tweet you can review below, the promises that Joe Biden campaigned on in the runup to the 2020 Presidential Election are not coming to pass.

For several reasons, including worker shortages, supply chain disruptions, severe winter weather, and employees out sick as the Omicron variant rages across the United States of America, a significant number of grocery stores have sections with some empty shelves.

Further, as every current economic indicator shows, skyrocketing inflation is once again eating away at the paltry incomes Americans are paid by mega-corporations run by billionaires who only care about the money in their pockets, not whether their employees can survive on wages that have seen no significant gain since the late 1970s according to Department of Labor statistics that take inflation into account.

No matter the cause, there is one reality in American politics. The buck stops on the current president’s desk, and Joe Biden knows that as well as anyone as he looks at his plummeting polling numbers.

So, one thing is clear. Unless Biden can get inflation under control, encourage workers to go back to work in jobs that pay little, get a spring reprieve from COVID-19, and perhaps get a break from the weather, his problems will only multiply, and he will see his party suffer historic defeats in the midterm elections that are now just nine and one-half months away.

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