Biden’s Border Policy Means More Of THIS

Joe Biden

( – President Joe Biden’s pro-illegal alien border policy will contribute to more danger and violence on American streets as they are filling up jails, Texas officials have warned.

“The more we prosecute, the more that they’re going to go to jail, and we’ll get to a point where there is no more jail space,” said Sheriff Thaddeus Cleveland of Sanderson, Texas, a former Border Patrol officer.

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A similar warning came from US Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas, who stressed that the state’s jail system was “already maxed out,” but there would be more arrests after the end of the Title 42 migrant expulsion policy.

“Bottom line is these jails are already over capacity,” Gonzales told The New York Post, as cited by Newsmax.

Title 42, the Trump-era policy which led to the expulsion of at least 2.7 million illegal immigrants, was allowed by the Biden administration to end on May 11.

“You go to Hudspeth [County] Jail — it’s over capacity. You go to Val Verde County Jail, it’s over capacity. You go to Medina County — these are not even counties that are on the border. They’re 100-plus miles north,” the Texas US representative said.

The Post notes that as border enforcement can no longer use Title 42, it will rely on Title 8, a policy that expels illegal border jumpers once and then makes them liable to criminal prosecution if they return.

According to Cleveland, tens of thousands of migrants are waiting south of the US-Mexican border, and many of those will end up in federal jail cells after they enter the United States anew.

In his words, that will severely complicate the work of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).

“That’s when [ICE] starts running out of bed space. Let’s say I [apprehend] six Honduran migrants, and I call over to [Border Patrol] to see if they have any space, and they say, ‘No, I have no jail space,’ at that point, they would be given an NTA — notice to appear in court and let out,” the sheriff elaborated.

“That’s when you start hearing the words’ catch and release,'” he added.

Officials are warning that releasing more and more illegal immigrants will pose a “direct danger” to American communities.

“There is no space. That was part of the issue with the governor issuing trespassing charges — all sounds great, but when you apprehend somebody, where do they go? How do they get magistrated? These are all things that are backlogged,” US Rep. Gonzales asked.

More than 25,000 illegal immigrants face border-related charges due to Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s “catch and jail” policy.

Since President Joe Biden entered the White House, more than 6 million illegal immigrants have invaded the US, including nearly 2 million gotaways.