Biden’s New Immigration Plan; Will THIS Work?

( – President Biden wants to make legislative changes to curb illegal immigration. But is what’s outlined in the following paragraphs anywhere close to what most Americans want to see regarding border security?

Here’s what’s happening.

The Biden administration is considering a bill that would overhaul the U.S. asylum adjudication system in order to address the immigration crisis at the southern border, according to Reuters.

The proposed legislation could include different asylum procedures based on the individual’s nationality, prioritizing migrants from countries with higher historical approval rates and allowing them greater mobility until their case is resolved.

On the other hand, deportations may be expedited for claimants from countries with low success rates. For example, in fiscal 2022, Honduran asylum seekers lost 92 percent of their cases, while Chinese asylum seekers won 53 percent.

Asylum-seekers with a better chance of winning their cases may be housed in apartments instead of detention centers, according to two Department of Homeland Security officials who spoke to Reuters.

The bill is still conceptual and has not yet been presented to the White House or Congress. However, it represents a “total rethink of the approach and is not constrained by current laws,” according to an unnamed DHS official.

The Biden administration has faced criticism from Democratic mayors, notably New York City’s Eric Adams, for its handling of the immigration crisis at the southern border.

Adams has spoken out as Republican governors in southern states such as Florida, and Texas have bused migrants north to Democratic cities. He called on the White House to help, saying that cities should not be expected to bear the weight of a national problem.

Biden has presided over a period of record-breaking illegal immigration since taking office in January 2021.

Last month, he introduced new immigration restrictions aimed at rapidly expelling immigrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti who are caught crossing the border illegally. The move expands Title 42, a pandemic-era public health policy aimed at reducing illegal border crossings.

Although illegal border crossings have declined in recent months, law enforcement in border regions is still calling for reform. “Currently, this is the ugliest I’ve experienced,” said Mark Dannels, the sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, during House Judiciary hearings last week.

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