Biden’s Woke Warriors Think MATH is Racist

Is Math Racist?

( – As every truly patriotic American knows and has witnessed, the left in the United States of America has reached the absurd point where almost everything and everybody they don’t like or understand is considered and labeled as “racist.”

And now we have what may be the most absurd example to date. Although, given the path our country is on, we expect it’ll get even worse.

Still, here’s the latest absurdity of something being labeled as racist: Math. Yes, you read that correctly. In some leftist, socialist corners of America, math is now considered racist.

According to Fox News, “USA Today appeared to question whether math was racist in a Twitter-provoking headline from Tuesday. The article’s headline originally read, ‘Is math racist? As many students of color struggle with the subject, schools are altering instruction — sometimes amid intense debate.'” [emphasis added]

Further, according to Fox News writing about what USA Today did, “The article focuses on ‘bolder recommendations to make math more inclusive’ that ‘are blowing up the world of mathematics education.'”

Within moments of the headline appearing on Twitter, it went viral as conservative, patriotic Americans blasted USA Today for the headline and the article.

Here’s just one example of dozens:

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