Bill Clinton Praises Who?

( – Much disgraced former President Bill Clinton has piled praise on radical leftist activist Rev. Jesse Jackson after it became known Jackson was resigning as head of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, a s0-called civil rights group he founded in 1971.

“For more than five decades at the helm of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Rev. Jesse Jackson never faltered in the fight for justice, equality, and peace, always keeping hope alive,” Clinton wrote in a Twitter post.

“I’m grateful to my friend for his many miles marched and inspiring so many to follow in his footsteps,” he added regarding Jackson, who once famously criticized then-presidential hopeful Barack Obama for “acting like he’s white.”

On Saturday, 81-year-old Jackson announced he was stepping down as president of the Chicago-based group he founded in 1971, AP reports.

His announcement came at the annual convention of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. During his address, “the once-fiery orator spoke so softly it was difficult to hear him,” according to the report.

It notes that Jackson uses a wheelchair and has been dealing with “severe health problems,” especially after eight years ago, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“I am somebody. Green or yellow, brown, black or white, we’re all perfect in God’s eyes. Everybody is somebody. Stop the violence. Save the children. Keep hope alive,” he declared.

He said he planned to keep working on social justice issues, such as advocating for three survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, after last week, a judge rejected their lawsuit for reparations.

“We’re resigning, we’re not retiring,” Jackson said.

The report stresses he was the most successful black presidential candidate before Barack Obama, after winning 13 primaries and caucuses for the 1988 presidential nomination of the Democratic Party.

“Jackson has been a powerful advocate for civil rights and a strong voice in American politics for decades,” the Associated Press comments.

“[The Rainbow PUSH Coalition]’s mission ranges from promoting minority hiring in the corporate world to voter registration drives in communities of color,” it stresses further.

The report dwells on Jesse Jackson’s role in helping George Floyd’s family erect a memorial for him and his support for COVID-19 vaccination steps to overcome “black hesitancy about the drugs.”