BOMBSHELL: 130,000 Illegals Arrested on Texas/Mexico Border

Illegal Aliens

( – US Border Patrol officers caught more than 130,000 illegal immigrants in October, the first month in the 2023 fiscal year, in the five sectors of the US-Mexican border based in Texas, according to a report.

Over 205,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended last month in all nine Southern Border sectors. At the same time, an estimated 64,000 gotaways also managed to sneak into the US but went undetected, Fox News reported citing Customs and Border Protection sources.

About 63% – or 130,000 – of October’s illegal immigrant apprehensions occurred in Texas’ five border sectors: El Paso, Big Bend, Del Rio, Laredo, and Rio Grande Valley, according to Breitbart News which reviewed an official Border Patrol report.

In the 2022 fiscal year, which ended on September 30, more than 2.7 million illegals were caught at the US-Mexican border, an increase of 1 million compared with the 1.7 million migrants arrested in FY 2021.

Nearly half of all FY 2022 migrant arrests – or 1.26 million – occurred in the five border sectors in Texas.

The latest figures about illegals in Texas come after FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Report) recently estimated that 5.5 million illegal immigrants had entered the United States since President Joe Biden entered the White House.

The October 2022 figure of more than 130,000 migrant arrests in the Texas part of the US-Mexican border is a 32% increase compared with a year ago. In October 2021, with Biden already in the White House, the five Texas border sectors saw almost 99,000 illegal immigrants.

Before Biden took office, however, with President Donald Trump still in the White House, in October 2020, that Texas number stood at 46,000.

At the same time, though, the number of illegals apprehended in Texas in October this year is slightly smaller than the September figure of more than 136,000 illegals.

According to the cited unofficial Border Patrol report, the relatively short El Paso sector became the “busiest” in terms of illegal immigrant influx out of all nine Southern Border sectors in October.

It has surpassed the sectors of Rio Grande and Del Rio, with about 53,000 apprehensions, or more than a quarter of all illegal migrant apprehensions in the US last month.

In October 2021, a year ago, the El Paso sector had only 14,000 apprehensions, meaning it has seen an almost 280% increase in illegal immigrant numbers.

Last month, the second busiest sector, Del Rio, saw 42,000 detentions of illegals, a 50% increase compared with October 2021, when there were 28,000 migrant arrests.

The third busiest sector, the Rio Grande Valley, saw the detentions of about 28,000 illegal immigrants. Laredo had almost 6,000 arrests, and Big Bend had about 1,300.