BOMBSHELL: Biden Has Spent THIS Much Time Away From White House

Joe Biden

( – Joe Biden is coming under increased scrutiny as he seemingly spends more and more time away from the White House.

Given the significant number of Americans who tell pollsters they don’t believe Biden is mentally fit for the presidency, the fact that he has spent 40% of his days in office away from the White House — most frequently at his Delaware beach house — is adding to questions about his capacity to do his job.

As the New York Post is currently reporting in, “Biden takes heat for spending 40 percent of his days in office ‘on vacation'”:

“President Biden is taking heat for spending 40% of his days in office ‘on vacation’ after he was away from the White House for two-thirds of August.

“Biden’s weekend jaunts and vacations spanned 234 days — with seven in 10 of them spent at his homes in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware — out of 589 days in office.

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told The Post that Republicans believe it’s a winning campaign issue — alongside concerns over the effects of Biden-era spending, including Democrats’ $1.9 trillion stimulus package last year and this year’s $437 billion environmental and health care bill.” [emphasis added]

McDaniel sees it like this:

“‘Voters want Republicans, who actually show up to work, to dig America out of Biden’s recession, secure the southern border, and put an end to reckless spending of taxpayer dollars,’ McDaniel said.”

Clearly, Republicans believe voters will send a message to Biden with the midterm congressional elections by taking back the House and Senate. The nation will know if that’s true in just a few short months.

What is your opinion? Does it concern you that Joe Biden spends as much time away from the White House as he does? Or do you think it doesn’t matter? Please share your opinion by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.