BOMBSHELL: Climate Extremist Greta Thunberg’s Stunning Admission

Greta Thunberg

( – Climate extremist Greta Thunberg has finally confessed to her real goal in life with what many are calling a stunning admission.

Thunberg wants to overthrow “the whole capitalist system,” which she says is responsible for imperialism, oppression, genocide, racism, and oppressive extractionism.

As told in a piece published at about a recent talk and interview given by Thunberg headlined “Greta Thunberg throws in her lot with the anti-capitalist Left“:

“Interspersed among the usual directives about the need to pressure political leaders, her message was more radical and more militant than it has been in the past. There is no ‘back to normal,’ she told us. ‘Normal’ was the ‘system’ which gave us the climate crisis, a system of ‘colonialism, imperialism, oppression, genocide,’ of ‘racist, oppressive extractionism.’ Climate justice is part of all justice; you can’t have one without the others. We can’t trust the elites produced by this system to confront its flaws — that’s why she, much like Rishi Sunak, won’t be bothering with the COP meeting this year. COP itself is little more than a ‘scam’ which facilitates ‘greenwashing, lying and cheating.’ Only overthrow of ‘the whole capitalist system’ will suffice.” [emphasis added]

Yes, that is what she said. “Overthrow of the whole capitalist system.”

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