BOMBSHELL: FBI Raids Dem Mayor’s House (Video)

Federal Bureau of Investigation

( – In horrendous new trouble for one of America’s most “woke,” soft-on-crime officials, federal agents have executed a raid on the residence of Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao, exacerbating the challenges facing the beleaguered mayor amid an impending recall vote.

See a video of the FBI raid of Thao’s home in the tweet below!

The FBI confirmed that it carried out “court-authorized law enforcement activity” in the vicinity of Maiden Lane, where the mayor resides, according to a statement from a representative of the agency, cited by The New York Post.

However, further specifics were withheld. Local residents told to a KQED journalist present at the scene that they observed FBI personnel arriving at approximately 6 a.m., loudly knocking on the mayor’s door.

By approximately 10 a.m., nearly two dozen agents were seen removing multiple boxes from the residence, loading them into vehicles, and departing.

They refrained from making any additional comments to the media, merely noting that they had vacated the premises and no agents were left on site.

The identity of the individual who interacted with the agents as they departed remains unclear.

Neighbor Nina Medina, who serves as president of the National Latino Peace Officers Association, told KQED in Spanish that the requirement for judicial approval for search warrants suggests that the raid pertains to a grave matter.

Mayor Thao has not issued any remarks regarding the incident. She was expected to attend a press conference in San Francisco at 10 a.m. concerning affordable housing; however, the event’s organizers indicated they had not been forewarned of her absence.

“This is a sad day for the City of Oakland,” declared former Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong.

“Oakland is a city in crisis, beset by crime, violence, shootings, rampant homelessness, unchecked encampments, and a budget deficit, among other issues. The most significant barrier to resolving these crises is the leadership failures at City Hall,” he added.

On the same day, the FBI also conducted searches at separate residences on View Crest Court and Skyline Boulevard in the Oakland Hills, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

These properties are purportedly owned by family members involved with Cal Waste Solutions, the city’s primary recycling service provider.

The Chronicle further noted that Cal Waste’s offices underwent a search. It was previously disclosed by Oaklandside that the company was investigated concerning campaign contributions to Mayor Thao and other officials.

The Oakland Public Ethics Commission is probing the mayor concerning donations to her campaign.

Mayor Thao has been under increased scrutiny recently due to concerns about crime and the Oakland A’s baseball team’s relocation. She is slated for a recall election in November following a successful signature campaign by her opponents.

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