BOMBSHELL: Joe and Kamala Should Be Ashamed Of This New Record

( – The number of illegal aliens caught at the US-Mexican border has surpassed 10,000 barely a day before the expiration of Title 42, the Trump-era policy allowing for the quick removal of illegal aliens.

Title 42 was adopted by the Trump administration in March 2020, empowering US Border Patrol agents to expel illegal migrants on public health grounds.

The policy, used to deport at least 2.5 million aliens, expires on Thursday, May 11.

Over 6 million illegals have invaded the US on the watch of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, including almost two million gotaways.

According to estimates of the Department of Homeland Security, Title 42’s expiration could more than double the daily influx of illegal immigrants to the US – from 6,000 migrants per day to about 13,000 per day.

Yet, a spike in the daily number of illegal aliens invading the Southern Border is already spiking, according to a report, with over 10,000 migrants detained for two days in a row.

A report by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin cites US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources as saying that more than 10,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended on Monday and more than 10,300 on Tuesday.

The New York Post reports that both figures broke records, marking the highest single-day totals in CBP’s history.

Meanwhile, an official from the Department of Homeland Security told CNN that there were 28,000 people in custody as of Wednesday.

According to Art Del Cueto, executive vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, the migrant crisis has become “beyond catastrophic” and “unsustainable,” as cited by News Nation.

That is expected to worsen further after the end of Title 42, which allowed ejecting illegals from some countries without hearing their requests for asylum.

Brownsville, a Hispanic-majority city of almost 200,000 people on the southern tip of Texas, was overwhelmed by 15,000 illegal migrants in a week, leading to more Texas National Guard troops being deployed.

At the same time, El Paso, Texas’ sixth largest city with about 700,000 people, announced plans on how to handle the widely anticipated illegal immigrant invasion spike.

“We are working on a mass casualty plan just because of the large group numbers,” Jorge Rodriguez of the El Paso Office of Emergency Management said.

“There’s always that potential and that’s what we plan for — is those worst-case scenarios,” he added.

The city’s security plans provide for boosting law enforcement presence in the downtown and along a highway running directly on the border — Loop 375.

The El Paso downtown includes three international bridges linking the United States and Mexico.

In recent months, migrants amassing in Juarez, a city of 2 million people south of the border, tried storming the bridges several times, leading US authorities to close them.

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