BOMBSHELL: Judge Orders Hunter Biden to Come Clean and Answer Questions

Hunter Biden

( – An Arkansas county judge has ordered First Son Hunter Biden to sit under oath for an interview about his finances in a case over the child support of his 4-year-old illegitimate daughter, Navy Joan Roberts.

Neither Hunter Biden nor his father, President Joe Biden, publicly acknowledge the existence of little Navy whom the First Son had with former stripper Lunden Roberts.

According to a CNN report, Hunter Biden is paying Roberts $20,000 per month in child support, a figure based on his income.

However, in September 2022, the First Son’s legal team reopened the case, asking for smaller child support payments with the argument that Hunter was “unemployed.”

The legal battle presided over by Judge Holly Meyer of the Independence County Circuit Court has intensified recently, with Roberts now demanding that her daughter be granted the right to use the Biden family name.

As per Judge Meyer’s new order, Hunter Biden must be interviewed under oath about his finances.

In recent hearings, his lawyer claimed the president’s son was unable to provide tax records because of the missing “laptop from hell,” the computer that Hunter Biden abandoned in a Delaware computer ship in 2019, which has become the source of multiple scandalous revelations about his personal life and the Biden family’s foreign business ventures.

The report stresses that the First Son would have to provide written answers to the questions of the mother’s counsel.

“[This has the] potential to reveal information about the family’s international business ventures and his art sales to anonymous buyers,” Breitbart notes.

In addition, the Arkansas county judge also ordered Hunter Biden to appear in person for an under-oath interview in mid-June.

The trial for determining whether the First Son’s child support payments would be decreased or, possibly, increased is scheduled for July.

Thus, the paternity and child support case in Arkansas could provide the American public with insights into Hunter Biden’s earnings from his interest in BHR Partners, an investment fund backed by the government of Communist China.

BHR was set up several days after then-Vice President Joe Biden visited China with his son Hunter in 2013.

Hunter had a 10% stake in the venture through a firm called Skaneateles LLC.

When Joe Biden occupied the White House, Hunter Biden faced pressure to divest from BHR Partners because of a conflict of interest.

As a result, he allegedly gave up his interest, whose worth was estimated at between $420,000 and $20 million.

A Breitbart News report based on documents that the news outlet acquired last Friday has disclosed that Skaneateles LLC is controlled by Kevin Morris, the First Son’s leading lawyer, who also paid off his tax debts.

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