BOMBSHELL: Trump Judge Under Investigation

Donald Trump

( – In a moral victory for Donald Trump, Judge Arthur Engoron of New York, who previously determined “fraud” had been committed by the former president and his corporations and slapped him with a $454 million fine, is now subject to an investigation.

The investigation focuses on allegations that Judge Engoron consulted with a lawyer shortly before imposing the massive penalty on Trump despite the absence of financial losses to any party, with the so-called “victims” reportedly eager to continue their business relations with the former president’s companies.

The problematic interaction involved real estate attorney Adam Leitman Bailey, who allegedly met with Judge Engoron and emphasized the importance of making an accurate ruling, according to a report by The Gateway Pundit, cited by WND.

Thus, the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct is currently assessing whether Judge Engoron’s actions violated any judicial guidelines.

The legal proceedings overseen by Judge Engoron revolved around accusations that Trump’s enterprises inaccurately appraised properties to secure loans.

Despite testimony from lenders affirming that the valuation methods employed were consistent with standard business practices and that they independently determined the properties’ values, Judge Engoron accused Trump and other defendants of engaging in a scheme to deceive insurance companies through the manipulation of business records and property valuations.

Judge Engoron had already concluded that fraudulent activities took place prior to the trial, with subsequent hearings focused solely on deciding the consequences of these findings. This decision is currently under appeal.

The details of Bailey’s conversation with Judge Engoron were made public.

“Bailey stated publicly that he spoke with Judge Engoron three weeks before the decision, advising him to ‘get it right,’” reported The Pundit.

“I actually had the ability to speak to him three weeks ago,” Bailey revealed during an interview with NBC New York on February 16.

“I saw him in the corner [at the courthouse] and I told my client, ‘I need to go.’ And I walked over and we started talking … I wanted him to know what I think and why…I really want him to get it right,” he added.

In response to the allegations, a spokesperson for Engoron denied any inappropriate communication had occurred.

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