Border Patrol K-9 Makes Incredible Bust

( – A K-9 detective with the US Border Patrol in California has made a significant and intriguing smuggling bust locating a pile of cash, a firearm, and a flamethrower.

The sniffing discovery was made by K-9 officer Edy and his handler in the El Centro Border Patrol Sector.

It was announced by Gregory Bovino, the Chief Border Patrol Agent of the El Centro Sector, in two Twitter posts.

In Bovino’s first announcement last week, he revealed that Border Patrol K-9 officer Edy sniffed out a flamethrower that was being smuggled from Mexico into the United States.

In the same bust, Edy and his handler also dug up a cash pile of $233,000 plus a handgun.

“Smugglers beware!” the El Centro Sector’s chief officer wrote on Twitter.

“USBP agents take pride in stopping criminals and their contraband,” he added.

This week, however, K-9 officer Edy scored a new cash bust, bringing the total sum he found in the past seven days to over a quarter million dollars, Breitbart News reported.

In a new Twitter announcement, Bovino posted a photo of an additional $19,100 in cash that Edy sniffed out in a separate incident.

He made it clear that Edy’s alert led the border agents to make the new cash pile discovery.

Bovino said the new cash pile comprised proceeds generated through marijuana sales. However, he offered no additional details concerning the source of the currency.

“PSA. Our dogs can sniff it out,” tweeted the Chief Border Patrol Agent of the El Centro Sector.

For the time being, the US Border Patrol has not offered any details about the discovery of the smuggled flamethrower and the two cash hoards.

El Centro is one of California’s two US Border Patrol sectors, which borders Arizona’s Yuma Sector.

In the nearly 26 months since Democrat President Joe Biden occupied the White House, the United States has been invaded by more than 6 million illegal immigrants, including between 1 and 2 million gotaways, according to estimates of the Customs and Border Protection agency.

Parallel to the tsunami of illegal immigrants, on Biden’s watch, the US has also seen a massive influx of illicit narcotics, especially the highly deadly fentanyl.

In the 2022 fiscal year, which ended on September 30, 2022, the US authorities captured enough fentanyl doses smuggled by Mexican drug cartels to kill off America’s entire population.