BREAKING: Barrage of Gunfire Leaves Dead and Wounded

( – BREAKING NOW: A fatal barrage of gunfire in Lynn, Massachusetts, has left one dead and several others injured, some with life-threatening conditions.

According to officials, the incident resulted in seven individuals being shot. One victim has lost his life, and two are in critical condition.

Essex County District Attorney Paul Tucker stated, “This is a terrible act of violence. We do not believe this was a random act of violence.” He further disclosed that the shots were fired from a vehicle, noting, “They were having some type of a social gathering. This violence was put upon them in a terrible way.”

“The people who did this are not in custody, and we want to make sure we do get them into custody,” added Tucker.

The deceased was identified as 25-year-old Abraham Diaz by his sibling. “I just can’t believe it happened,” said Brian Diaz, the brother of Abraham. “I’m still trying to process it.”

Brian described his late brother as a good guy. “My brother was a good kid. He was just like me, giving back to kids, looking out for kids, and… just wanted to make sure everyone was all right.” Brian revealed that Abraham and a group of friends were celebrating a friend’s impending departure for college.

Lynn Mayor Jared Nicholson voiced his concern at a press conference, saying, “This is absolutely outrageous to have this level of violence happen on our streets and in our neighborhood. It’s horrifying.” He added, “What everyone experienced in this street and neighborhood, shouldn’t happen.”

The area where the shooting occurred is home to several multi-unit residential properties.

Lynn Police Chief Christopher Reddy stated, “We believe this incident was a targeted attack. We are committed to holding those accountable, responsible for this senseless act of violence.”