BREAKING: Biden LOSES It, DEMANDS $$$ For Illegals

Joe Biden

( – Happening Now: President Joe Biden was asked a very simple question during a press conference the other day (watch the video below), and his response was filled with so much uncontrolled anger, rage, and venom toward the reporter that, as one observer noted, it appeared he’d “gone completely mad.”

Biden was so over the top that the liberal mainstream media tried to hide his actions by not showing what happened on any of the nightly news programs.

Fortunately, because of social media, we have the video, and you can watch it for yourself and judge his actions.

Biden was asked a very straightforward and legitimate question given numerous published and verified reports that he plans to provide $450,000 per illegal alien child to illegal alien families that were temporarily separated from their children when they entered the country illegally during the presidential administration of President Donald J. Trump. According to reports, that means many families of illegals will receive more than $1 million for breaking the immigration laws of the United States of America.

At the press conference, Biden was asked, “Where do you stand? You said last week that this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage…”

At that point, Biden interrupted the reporter and, while blaming Trump, started yelling and jabbing his pointed finger at the reporter in a way that startled and shocked everyone in the room.

Here’s the video.

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