BREAKING: Biden Releasing COVID-Positive Illegals into US

Illegal Aliens On The Move Into US

( – The Department of Homeland Security of the Biden administration is not deporting illegal aliens infected with COVID-19 and is instead releasing them into the US, as revealed by leaked internal emails.

The DHS emails obtained by Breitbart News show that the agency is “knowingly” letting COVID-positive migrants remain in the United States after crossing the nation’s border illegally and being apprehended by border patrols.

The new revelation comes more than a year after President Joe Biden’s DHS was accused of releasing illegals sick with the coronavirus into the interior of the United States for the first time.

The leaked emails are between officials of the Border Patrol, and they show that illegal immigrants have been released into Arizona after testing positive for COVID-19.

One email reveals that five female illegals, including ones infected with the coronavirus, were taken out of DHS custody and transported by bus to the Monte Vista Church.

The email advises BP staff to take the “required precautions” by wearing “personal protective equipment (PPP)” during the transfer.

“Please ensure that you will take all of the required precautions, including wearing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and any other personal protective equipment (PPE) that you think essential. This bus will be transported directly to the NGO and will not be stopping at PHO ERO, they will already be served by Yuma BP due to being COVID+,” the email reads.

The report cites unnamed sources saying that on President Joe Biden’s watch, the DHS isn’t deporting illegals even after they test positive for COVID-19.

One of the cases exposed to the news outlet involved two migrants – a husband and wife. The latter tested positive for coronavirus, which made both of them eligible for deportation under the Title 42 public health regulation adopted by the Trump administration.

In this case, however, the COVID-positive wife wasn’t expelled from the country while her COVID-negative husband was.

“[Customs and Border Protection] provides migrants with PPE from the moment they are taken into custody, and migrants are required to keep masks on at all times, including when they are transferred or in the process of being released,” a CBP spokesperson is quoted as saying when approached about the revelations.

Accusations that Biden’s DHS is releasing sick illegal immigrants into the US emerged for the first time in August 2021.

Back then, Mark Morgan, former CBP Commissioner, estimated that about 40,000 COVID-infected illegals were released into the US during Biden’s first six months in office.

Since then, that number may have grown substantially because the Biden administration has tried to abolish Title 42, which so far has only been saved by the courts.