Breaking: Biden Scores The Lowest

Joe Biden

( – Democrats used to take glee in former President Donald Trump’s low poll numbers when he was President of the United States of America.

Now, along comes Joe Biden, and all of a sudden, all of those liberals, socialists, and communists who make up the Democrat Party have gone silent as Biden’s polling numbers plummet.

As Breitbart reports in “Poll: Lowest Rate of Voter Satisfaction with Country’s Condition in Nearly a Decade”:

“Less than a week before President Joe Biden is supposed to give his State of the Union address to Congress, the number of voters satisfied with the state of the union is lower than it has been in nearly a decade, according to a recent poll.

“A Fox News poll revealed that 68 percent of respondents are dissatisfied with how the United States is going, while only 31 percent are satisfied, which is the lowest number who have felt that way in almost a decade.

“The poll showed that the last time respondents gave this low a satisfaction rating was in October 2013.”

The even worse news is that several polls already show that Americans do not support the way he is handling the war in Ukraine. So, it’s all but certain that Biden’s numbers when it comes to voter satisfaction with the country’s condition will go even lower.

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