BREAKING: Cops Attacked; 1 Dead; 2 in Critical Condition

( – HAPPENING NOW: In Fargo, North Dakota, authorities report a police officer was tragically killed during a shooting Friday. The attack also left two other officers in critical condition and caused injuries to two civilians.

The person believed to be responsible for the shooting was also killed in the confrontation.

The event happened at the junction of 25th Street South and 9th Avenue South, according to a press statement by the Fargo Police.

The City of Fargo announced in a statement, “A total of five individuals sustained injuries in this incident. The Fargo Police Department can confirm that one of its officers has died as a result of sustained injuries and two remain in critical condition this evening.” It added, “Two other involved civilians sustained serious injuries, including the suspect who has died as a result of the shooting.”

Initially, police asked people living in the vicinity of the incident to evacuate while the investigation took place. However, they quickly reassured the public that there was no longer any danger.

The investigation is still in progress, and the names of the people involved are not being disclosed for now as family members are still being informed. The reasons behind the shooting are still unclear.

The Fargo Police Department said it won’t share any more information until a press conference planned for Saturday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. ET.