BREAKING: DeSantis Scores Huge Victory Over Critical Race Theory

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

( – The College Board has made changes to the framework of its Advanced Placement African-American studies course, which was met with pushback from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other conservatives.

The controversy arose when the Florida State Board rejected the pilot AP course, with critics arguing that it focused too heavily on hard-left voices and disregarded conventional liberal and conservative perspectives.

DeSantis accused the course of advocating for radical political positions and attempting to indoctrinate students.

He took particular issue with the course section on “Black Queer Studies.”

In response to the criticism, the College Board updated the syllabus, removing several authors identified as problematic by Florida officials. These authors were associated with critical race theory, the “queer experience,” and black feminism.

The curriculum also removed the required teachings on Black Lives Matter and the case for reparations, though these subjects remain on a list of options for a required research project.

The new framework includes “black conservatism” as a potential topic for a research project. The list of suggested topics can be refined by local states and districts.

David Coleman, CEO of the College Board, has stated that the changes were not made in response to political pressure but rather from the input of professors and longstanding A.P. principles. He said the board received feedback during a test of the course this school year that students connected more with primary sources than the secondary, more theoretical sources. The changes were made to address these issues.

However, DeSantis has also announced a proposal to eliminate programs, courses, and bureaucracies dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and critical race theory (CRT) at public universities in Florida.

He argues that taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize harmful, divisive ideologies. The governor stated that these programs will be eliminated, with no funding, and will wither on the vine.