Breaking: Fully Vaxxed 50% More Likely To Get Omicron


( – As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 rages across the United States of America and worldwide, it’s become clear to anyone paying close attention that the various vaccines and boosters that are supposed to stop or reduce the impact of the coronavirus do not seem to be working as advertised when it comes to Omicron.

Now comes news that fully vaccinated individuals may be more likely to succumb to Omicron.

As reported by our friends over at The Wellness Watchdog in a post headlined “Fully Vaccinated 50% MORE Likely to Get Omicron??”:

“…[O]ne of the world’s most vaccinated countries [Australia] is suddenly experiencing not only more cases but more deaths than ever before. Why? The answer is easy: Omicron.”

As you’ll see in greater detail in the full piece (including links to medical reports, data, and charts) that you can read and reference by clicking HERE, data from the great nation of Scotland demonstrates that Omicron is MORE likely to infect the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

“Over the last month, unvaccinated people in Scotland tested positive at a rate of 1,093 people per 100,000, or about a 1% positive rate.

“For fully vaccinated and boostered people? That rate was 1527/100,000 for 1.5% positivity rate.”

Further, back to Australia:

“In Australia last week, 12 vaccinated people died. Only 4 unvaccinated people died.”

Please check out Fully Vaccinated 50% MORE Likely to Get Omicron?? and then email [email protected]. Do you think the risk of catching the Omicron variant could be higher for the vaccinated than the unvaccinated, as the data seems to indicate? Why or why not? We appreciate all feedback and respect all opinions.