Breaking Herschel Walker Senate Campaign News

Herschel Walker

( – To the shock of the liberal media elite who have made fun of him and denigrated his abilities, Herschel Walker is on the verge of becoming the next United States Senator from Georgia.

If not for a libertarian candidate who is likely siphoning votes away, Walker would almost certainly win in November.

As Breitbart News lays it out in “Poll: Herschel Walker Holds Narrow Lead over Democrat Warnock in Georgia Senate Race“:

“Republican Herschel Walker continues to hold a slim lead over Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in the race for U.S. Senate in Georgia, according to a poll published Thursday.

“The poll, conducted by Fox 5 Atlanta and Insider Advantage, found Walker three points ahead of Warnock. Walker received 47 percent compared to Warnock’s 44 percent, while libertarian candidate Chase Oliver received four percent.” [emphasis added]

And Walker is in the lead just as he ramps up his campaign post-Labor Day.

“This latest poll comes right as Walker launched his “Unite Georgia” statewide bus tour September 7 and right after he celebrated the start of his alma mater University of Georgia’s football season, appearing on the field after the first game, as well as on a bus alongside his Heisman Trophy, the prestigious award he won in college.” [emphasis added]

In politics, a day is a lifetime, and anything can happen between now and Election Day 2022. Still, as the race to the finish line gets underway, Herschel Walker is in the lead and is the favorite in Georgia to become a United States Senator.

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