It’s taken years, but the truth is finally breaking through to the surface, even though some in power and the mainstream media never wanted the truth to be known.

A truth that most American Patriots have always suspected – indeed,  believed in their heart of hearts – all along.

It is now as certain as it might ever be, given that the world is having to deal with the thugs atop the government in communist China for proof, that the virus that has caused the most lethal global pandemic in recorded history was in fact engineered in a Chinese lab.

According to the British publication, The Telegraph, in a brand new article just published this morning concerning intelligence briefings given to officials in Great Britain:

“A laboratory leak is now the more likely origin of Covid, MPs have heard because after two years of searching an animal host has never been found.

“Speaking to the Science and Technology Select Committee, Dr. Alina Chan, a specialist in gene therapy and cell engineering at MIT and Harvard, said there was also a risk that Covid-19 was an engineered virus

“We have heard from many top virologists that a genetically engineered origin is reasonable, and that includes virologists who made modifications to the first Sars virus.” [emphasis added]

The reported briefings were extraordinarily detailed and the MPs were told that it is extremely dangerous for those with the damning evidence to go on record publicly. In other words, it’s all but certain, Red China would kill or imprison those individuals if it hasn’t already.

What do you believe? Email [email protected] and share your thoughts. Do you think C19 was manmade inside a communist China facility and then released on the world? Was it released intentionally?