BREAKING: Russia Accuses USA of ‘Hostile Act’


( – Breaking Now: In a sign of how quickly circumstances can spin out of control during a war and potentially increase the number of countries involved, Russia just accused the United States of America of carrying out a “hostile act” against Russia.


Because the Biden administration ordered 12 Russians immediately expelled from the United States because it believes they are “intelligence operatives.”

The 12 Russians were working at the United Nations under diplomatic cover. But, according to the Biden administration, the 12 were engaged in “activities not in accordance with their diplomatic status.”

At the same time, personnel working at the United States Embassy in Russia have been given permission to depart voluntarily – meaning because of the risk level to Americans working at the embassy in Russia, they may leave their post without any consequence.

That’s how dangerous circumstances have become between the United States and Russia as the world unites to financially punish Russia in every way imaginable for launching an invasion against a sovereign nation.

This is a breaking news report about the war in Ukraine.

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