Breaking: Russian Troops, Chernobyl, and Nuclear Danger

War in Ukraine

( – As hundreds of thousands of Russian troops advance into Ukraine in the single largest military invasion on the European continent since the Second World War, Ukrainian authorities are warning of the danger of nuclear fallout material still present in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, site of the single-worst nuclear accident in history.

According to the conservative New York Post in “Ukraine warns radioactive nuclear dust ‘can be spread’ as Russian forces move into Chernobyl zone“:

“Russian forces entering the area around the former nuclear plant at Chernobyl could cause dangerous radioactive nuclear dust to “spread,” a Ukrainian official warned Thursday.

“‘The invaders from the territory of Belarus have moved into the Chernobyl AES zone. The National Guardsmen, who guard the collectors of unsafe radioactive nuclear radioactive waste, are fighting hard,’ Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the interior minister, said in a Facebook post.

“‘If the invaders’ artillery hits and ruins/ damages the collectors of nuclear waste, radioactive nuclear dust can be spread all over the territory of Ukraine, Belarus and the entire EU.'”

Additional eyewitness accounts on the ground indicate that Russian occupation forces are attempting to seize the Chernobyl facility.

This is a breaking news report.

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