BREAKING: Trump Accuses Special Prosecutor of Crime

( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, as he prepares to surrender to federal law enforcement authorities in Miami, Florida, this afternoon, former President Donald Trump accused United States Department of Justice Special Prosecutor Jack Smith of having “planted” evidence against him.

If, in fact, Smith or any other federal authority planted evidence against Trump, it would be a serious crime.

Calling Smith a “thug” and accusing the Biden Department of Justice of being “corrupt,” Trump also slammed Smith’s family and friends and said the United States of America is “rapidly going to hell.”

Specifically, Trump posted the following about Smith and others to his Truth Social account:

“This is the thug, overturned consistently and unanimously in big cases, that Biden and his corrupt Injustice Department stuck on me. He’s a radical right lunatic and Trump hater, as are his friends and family, who probably “planted” information in the “boxes” given to them. They taint everything that they touch, including our country, which is rapidly going to hell!”

Here is Trump’s statement precisely as he posted it:

What is your reaction to and opinion of Trump’s statement about United States Department of Justice Special Prosecutor Jack Smith? Do you believe Smith or other members of federal law enforcement “probably “planted” information in the “boxes” given to them”? Share your thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.