BREAKING VIDEO: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Huge Announcement

Tucker Carlson and Kyle Rittenhouse

( – Last night on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Kyle Rittenhouse announced he will be suing Whoopi Goldberg and a host of other individuals and mainstream corporate media outlets for defaming him for having defended himself with a gun when he was attacked during a riot.

You can watch an excellent video clip a bit further down this post.

During the interview, Carlson asked Rittenhouse “They tried to imprison you for the rest of your life. It wasn’t coverage; it was advocacy. You have a lot of potential targets to sue yourself. Will you be suing any of these news organizations, and if so, when?”

Rittenhouse responded:

“We’re looking at quite a few. Politicians, celebrities, athletes. Whoopi Goldberg’s on the list. She called me a murderer after I was acquitted by a jury of my peers – she went on to still say that. And there’s others. Don’t forget about Cenk [Uyhur] from the Young Turks. He called me a murderer before verdict and continues to call me a murderer.”

Asked about being called a white supremacist, Rittenhouse stated:

“We are going to hold everybody who’s lied about me accountable, such as everybody who’s lied, called me a white supremacist. They’re all gonna be held accountable, and we’re gonna handle them in a courtroom.”

Please watch the video below of Kyle Rittenhouse speaking with Tucker Carlson on Fox News and then share your reaction and opinion by emailing [email protected]. Do you support or oppose Kyle Rittenhouse suing individuals like Whoopi Goldberg, who called him a murderer, and mainstream corporate media outlets who attacked him and branded him as a criminal long before a jury returned a verdict clearing him? Why or why not? Should more leftists and mainstream media outlets be sued for the inaccurate reporting they do on a daily basis?